2013 ASTA Bag Competition


2013 ASTA Bag Competition Information

Thank you to ASTA (American String Teacher Association) for donating the bag for our 8th Annual ASTA Bag Competion. Also thank you to each one who so graciously autogrpahed the bag this year:

  • Charles Avsharian
  • Stephen Benham
  • Mari Black
  • Mike Block
  • Mimi Butler
  • Craig Butterfield
  • Robert Clemens
  • Jeremy Cohen
  • Andrew Dabczynski
  • Jacob Dakon
  • Ken Dattmore
  • Deanna
  • Joe Deninzon
  • Joe Domjan
  • Eugene Friesen
  • Robert Gardner
  • Bob Gillespie
  • Matt Glaser
  • Janna Glasser
  • Jonathan Glawe
  • David Gotay
  • Jody Harmon
  • Christine Harrington
  • Christian Howes
  • Tanya Kalmanovitch
  • Blaise Kielar
  • Scott Laird
  • Laurence Lesser
  • Julie Lyonn Lieberman
  • Bert Ligon
  • Amy Feldkamp Marr
  • Martha Mooke
  • Kirk Moss
  • Martin Norgaard
  • Mark O'Connor
  • Bob Phillips
  • Rachel Barton Pine
  • Dalton Potter
  • Mimi Rabson
  • Corey Redonnett
  • John Reed
  • Randy Sabien
  • Jon Schimek
  • Tracy Silverman
  • Jeffrey Solow
  • Matt Turner
  • Roland Vamos
  • Eddie Venegas
  • Orlando Wells
  • Benjamin Whitcomb
  • Mark Wood
  • Charles Yang


  1. Students must be current on all lessons and payments for the year.
  2. Each bag entry requires the student to learn five new scales or arpeggios at their level. The slowest acceptable tempo is quarter = 60, playing quarter notes. Scales must be at least one octave. Natural minor scales and hand over hand arpeggios are not acceptable.
  3. Scales must be performed by memory. Note names must be said aloud unless the teacher concludes the tempo of the scale prevents it or unless performing on a wind/brass instrument.
  4. Each student must perform in the May recital.
  5. Each student must memorize a song between the April and May recitals.