2010 ASTA Bag Competition


The Winners


                 2010 ASTA bag winner Jameson Jones (violin)
  2010 ASTA bag runner up, Tanner Brandt (guitar)
  2010 ASTA bag runners up, Hailey Price (piano) & Taylor Price (saxophone)

2010 ASTA Bag Competition Information

Thank you to ASTA (American String Teacher Association) for donating the bag for our 5th Annual ASTA Bag Competition. Also thank you to each one who so graciously autographed the bag this year.

Alisa Rose David Wallace Maureen Gallagher
Andrew Dabczynski Eduard Schmeider Michelle Djokic
Barry Green Eric Gorfain Mimi Butler
Benjamin Whitcomb Jeff Solow Peter Rolland
Blaise Kielar Jeffrey Bradetich Randy Sabien
Bob Phillips Jeremy Cohen Renata Bratt
Bridgid Bibbens Keith Lawrence Robert Gardner
Christian Howes Ken Dattmore Robert Gillespie
Cora Cooper Laurie Scott Robert Jesselson
Corey Redonnett Mark Laycock Stephen Benham
Dalton Potter Mark Wood Sue Sharp
Dan Swaim, Sr. Martha Mooke Theresa Jenkins Russ
David Littrell Martin Norgaard Thom Sharp
David Lusterman Matt Turner William Dick


  1. Students must be current on all lessons and payments for the year.
  2. Each entry in the bag requires that the student learn FIVE NEW SCALES at their level, which is determined by their teacher. The slowest acceptable tempo is quarter note = 60, playing quarter notes.
  3. Scales must be performed by memory. Note names must be said aloud unless the teacher determines the tempo of the scale prevents it or unless performing on a wind instrument.
  4. Students must perform in the April recital.
  5. Each student must memorize one song between the March and April recitals. 
  6. The drawing will be at the close of April’s 1:30 recital. All students who participated in the ASTA Bag Competition should strive to attend the 1:30 recital and drawing.